Who Are We?

Bhakti Marga America is a religious not-for-profit organization established in 2019 that promotes and practices the ideals emphasized in ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures and traditions, and seeks to apply them in our daily lives by stimulating the growth of our innate spirituality through devotional meditation practices, prayers, yoga, discourses, publications, and other related activities.

In the Sanskrit language, “bhakti marga” means the “path of devotion.” It is a path where each one of us aims to reclaim one’s personal connection with God through love- love of oneself and love for all beings. In 2005, Paramahansa Vishwananda founded Bhakti Marga GGmbH as a charity company in Germany to revive these ancient Vedic teachings. Although Bhakti Marga America is an independent organization, it seeks to support the mission of Paramahansa Vishwananda to spread the Vedic understanding that the best way to be in communion with God is to be on a devotional path based on mutual understanding, inclusion, and respect for all people.


What Do We Offer?

To maintain and promote an understanding of and respect for the Hindu religion, the organization offers a variety of educational and personal growth opportunities for the public, both online and in person, including: yoga classes and workshops, meditation workshops and classes, OM Chanting circles, kirtan and music classes, understanding Hinduism education, Vedic chanting classes, mantra meditation, devotional art classes, wellness and health classes, Hindu holiday celebrations, blessing events from Paramahamsa Vishwananda (online and face-to-face), talks and events from invited and visiting teachers from all over the world and North America.


The path to God is through Love. Just Love. Bhakti Marga is a path of devotion – a journey from the mind to the heart where we encounter true Love and our Divine Self. True Love is Unconditional Love from and for the Divine. The bhakti path is centred around developing a personal relationship with the Divine in such a way that unconditional acceptance of oneself blossoms and pure love flows to others. As this Divine Love arises within, so does the self-confidence to apply it in everyday life.

The ultimate spiritual goal of a human existence is to realise the Divine within oneself and in all of creation. At some point along the spiritual journey, one cannot advance beyond the limits of one’s own will and a deep inner ‘calling’ awakens to lead one to the feet of a Master, a Satguru, who can take them all the way to God-Realisation.

Spiritual Teacher

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is a living, enlightened, God-realised Spiritual Teacher whose true nature is transcendent, beyond all limits. He is here to remind us all of the love of God and to show us how to experience and enjoy a uniquely personal relationship with God through bhakti, love, and devotion to the Divine.


Mahavatar Babaji is the immortal yogi who has given Kriya Yoga to the world, and Sri Ramanuja Acharya is the one responsible for consolidating and refining the philosophy and practices of the Sri Sampradaya (our spiritual lineage). They remind us that no spiritual goal can be achieved on our own; the Grace of the God-realised Spiritual Teacher is always needed.


The core values of the Bhakti Marga path are love, patience, and unity. Learning to love ourselves, others and the Divine helps one change from the inside out, inspiring others to do the same. Patience is developed by learning to do one’s dharma (duty) with an attitude of acceptance and devotion. Unity comes as we learn to work together and grow into seeing everyone and everything as an aspect of Divine creation.

Experience Bhakti

When you’re on the spiritual path, sometimes you need more information and sometimes you need more experience. Sometimes you need sangha (community) and sometimes you need solitude.

Bhakti Marga offers a variety of courses, events, and experiences, and we invite you to explore them all. Choose from any of these options to connect, relax, focus your mind, and open your heart.

Live from the Heart
Deepen your relationship with the Divine


Become a living and walking Bhagavad Gita


Worship & Prayer

Spiritual Practices



Dive into Scriptures

Watch & Listen

Design a life that gives you the clarity to treat others from a place of love, grace, and acceptance.

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