Om Chanting D.C!

by July 31, 2021

USA Sangha Summer Tour 

Summer is here! With new regulations opening up the possibility for public gatherings, communities across the United States have begun having in-person events once again.

This summer has also marked the start of Swami Tulsidas’ summer tour! Swamiji has been bringing Guruji’s teachings from Coast to Coast and still has more to go! LA, Hawaii, Colorado and a second trip to Washington D.C are coming up next in late August- September.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Shambavi Dasi about Swami Tulsidas’ first trip to D.C.! She shared with me some of the highlights and magical moments from the main event – Om Chanting, as well as the plans for Swamiji’s next visit! Enjoy!

Tour Highlights Interview: Om Chanting in Washington D.C

Q: You recently hosted Swamiji on his visit  to Washington D.C. What were some of the highlights of his trip there? 

A: Definitely OM Chanting! We picked a place called Meridian Hill, which is on the White House meridian! We could see the Washington monument from where we were Oming!  

Q: Wow! That’s so cool! Washington was really getting the healing energy. Tell me more! 

A: There were about 22 people, all new! No one had heard of Om Chanting before and they were all super excited to come! 

When they arrived, Swami Tulsidas was there to greet them and then he led us in Om Chanting. It was so amazing to see all these people gathering in the circle and chanting OM for the first time. You could see all their faces were glowing and how they really enjoyed it! 

After we finished chanting, everyone stayed longer to ask questions and share their experiences. People said they felt such peace and love while chanting and were asking “when can we do that again! when can we do that again!” 

By the end it was decided that the main organizer, Rob would have another one the next week!

Q: Did any of the participants share their experiences? 

A: One participant the next day texted and said, “what a great experience! It was one of the best inner healing, loving experiences I have ever had. And to hear music out of no where was magical. Thank you Rob. I will be OMing with you next week.” 

Q: Wow! Did anyone else hear the music during the Om Chanting circle? 

A: Yes! I heard a beautiful melody, and it was so real! It sounded like a single female voice singing this beautiful melody and it was coming from the circle. I thought maybe someone was so inspired that instead of saying OM they were singing this beautiful melody! It was so beautiful, melodic and harmonious with the sound of om!

The funniest part was at the end when we were sharing experiences, a lady said, “Oh! And someone was singing so beautiful. You did!” And she pointed to me! ”You were singing so beautifully!” And I just laughed and said “I know what you are talking about but it wasn’t me! I heard it to!” That’s how real it sounded! 

I’m use to hearing other instruments during the on chanting, but this was a song. I was so happy when she said it because I thought someone else was signing, but it wasn’t any of us, and we all heard it. 

Q: Do you have any other events planned? 

A: Now we have plans to do yagna on the national mall in a place where we can see the white house! Next month in august. We are applying for a permit now! 

We will be chanting Ugram Veeram Mahavishnum – a mantra that Paramahamsa Vishwananda said brings peace to the world. As the White House is a very important place for all of America, we wanted to do this ceremony near by.

Swamiji said it’s been on his bucket list for years. Needless to say, we are all very excited.

Thank you Shambavi Dasi for sharing this beautiful experience! We look forward to the next event in Washington DC!

To learn more about Swamiji’s upcoming tour dates please contact  



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