Devotional Art

I love painting because it helps to express towards the outside what you have inside of yourself.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

Bhakti Marga Art was formed through the teachings of Paramahamsa Vishwananda. With His blessing, it has become a form of sadhana (spiritual practice) that allows us to express our devotion to the Divine through art. It is an active meditation in which we connect with the saints and deities as we paint them from our hearts and in the stillness of the mind.

Currently Bhakti Marga Art is composed of professional artists around the world, with some being in the art industry for thirty-plus years. These artists are continually creating new artworks as well as offering workshops throughout the year.

These paintings, created with such heartfelt devotion and love, possess an indescribable holy energy and beauty. Even more, they have a harmonising effect on people and their environment.

The art work itself is never the end in itself, but a meeting and point of balance, harmony, texture, and colour, wherein it becomes a portal between the sky and the earth.

Devotional Art Courses

Devotional art courses allow us to express our devotion to the Divine through art. It is an active meditation in which we connect with the deities and saints we love and a wonderful way to open our heart and calm our mind.

The process of creating artwork takes place inwardly and is expressed outwardly following one’s intuition. During the creative process, the artist becomes a vessel for the divine energy to flow through. Being in tune with one’s inner guidance and having learned the artistic techniques, the painter is able to create such a devotional image that holds a certain energy which can uplift and bring balance and harmony to people that come in contact with these art works.

In our devotional art workshops you will be guided through the various steps of traditional and modern painting techniques.


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