TEMPLATE: Full Moon OM Chanting – Helping Humanity through OM

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The full moon intensifies the positive vibration of OM. To optimise this effect, simultaneous OM Chanting circles are held around the world with a shared intention.

Since energy is not bound by time or space, the positive vibrations of Full Moon OM Chanting are directed, through group intention, toward a variety of causes, including natural disaster areas, conflict zones and suppressed groups.

In this way, the global practice helps transform our planet by uniting local communities and sending out a strong positive vibration to everyone. It also magnifies the healing effect on participants and the environment.

Come resonate with OM and add your voice to the circle. Let’s OM together to help humanity.

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As the full moon reacts on the water element, it reacts on the body and the mind. OM Chanting imprints the cosmic sound of OM, making each cell of your body vibrate this cosmic sound. So automatically, in place of going crazy, you feel good! You feel calm, in a meditative mood.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

2017 Full Moon Dates

Full Moon Dates Day Intention
12 January Thursday World peace
10 February Friday Inner peace
12 March Sunday Inner peace and peace in the world
10 April Monday
10 May Wednesday
8 June Thursday
8 July Saturday
7 August Monday
5 September Tuesday
5 October Thursday
3 November Friday
3 December Sunday

Is OM Chanting right for me?

  • No previous experience is required.
  • OM Chanting is not a faith-based practice, but all faiths are welcomed, as well as those who have no interest in spirituality.
  • The only requirement is that you must be able to sit (either on the floor or in a chair) and repeatedly chant OM (at your own pace) for the entire circle time (usually 45 minutes).
  • Children may sit on a parent’s lap, as long as they do not disturb others.
  • This practice is not recommended for those with a history of serious mental illness, or anyone under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • A Blessing Box is present in every circle. You are invited to put the names of those in need of healing support into the box, you may also Request Healing Support if you are not present in the circle.
  • It is important to only practice OM Chanting with a blessed Organiser present. Only those blessed to lead the group can call upon the Masters to help transform the negativity that is released during the practice.

Please be on time

To preserve the energetic integrity of the circle, latecomers will be asked to sit on the outside of the circle. While it still provides great benefit, it is not as powerful as sitting in the circle configuration. For this reason, we ask you leave yourself plenty of time to arrive before the scheduled start time. If you are running late, please let the OMC Organiser know – if it is only a few minutes, they might be able to wait for you.

Registration Details

Please contact the OMC Organiser listed on the OM Chanting Circles page.


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