HeartSong Meditation & Retreat Center

Nestled on a stunning 42-acre property amidst the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the HeartSong meditation retreat center is dedicated to being the spiritual home for Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s mission in North America, as well as a spiritual retreat destination for seekers worldwide.

The Mission of HeartSong

Located in Stanwood, Washington, HeartSong’s mission is to support people from any and all walks of life to awaken and deepen their personal relationship with the Divine. Offering a variety of courses, events, and retreats, HeartSong is a beacon of light in North America, dedicated to spreading the teachings of Paramahamsa Vishwananda and the Path of Devotion.

HeartSong is also the home of Swami Tulsidas, the appointed Swami for North America. When he is not traveling, Swamiji provides guidance, courses, Satsang, and more at the Center. He also offers online Satsangs and courses that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world.



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