Commit to Yourself
and God this Year!

As we step into 2021, we know that many of you are looking for new ways to give to yourself and others that are unique, socially conscious and go beyond the material world. Here is a special opportunity for you to give an extraordinary gift. 

About The Event

In the holiday season of 2019, Paramahamsa Vishwananda directly asked Swami Tulsidas to open a North American Center in the Pacific Northwest and divinely guided the process to the purchase of HeartSong Meditation Center ( Since that time, and with the help of our previous campaign, this dream is closer to becoming a reality.

In January of 2020 we closed on a beautiful large house and 43 acre property in Stanwood, Washington. Our dedicated group of volunteers has painted, landscaped, gardened, and repaired much of the property. We are now ready for the next phase in this adventure – the construction phase of the Meditation Hall!

Paramahamsa Vishwananda has carefully chosen the geographic location of this Meditation Hall, which is to be key in the mission across the world and the living celebration of Bhakti: heartfelt devotion to God. The North American Meditation Hall will be home to an incredible 8 foot Paranitya Narasimha murti, that was personally funded by Paramahamsa Vishwananda, signifying its importance here in the United States.

This pillar Mediation Hall will be the largest Narasimha temple in all of North America, offering prayer services morning and evening, every day. Attending these beautiful ceremonies, you’ll get to hear great music, sing, chant, enjoy the sight of the pujas and aratis being performed, and view over 5 special deities (one that is unique in the entire world).

The Meditation Hall will hold over 100 people, capturing the magnificent northwest views and is designed with workshop spaces, showers and bathrooms. Once built, HeartSong Center will be able to host large gatherings, indoor and outdoor events, and become a hub for the North American community.  

This Meditation Hall is being built to support you, the United States, and the world in a transformative process. It is a place for you and others to heal, recharge and step back into the world carrying the love and protection of the Divine within.  Your support is greatly needed!

Select your Level of contribution to be given at once or distributed across 6 months:

Level 1: $1000 a month for six months 

Level 2: $500 a month for six months

Level 3: $250 a month for six months

Level 4: $150 a month for six months

Level 5: $50 a month for six months

Level 6: $20 a month for six months


“By giving to help build a temple of God you bring God’s love and grace to others.

God always reciprocates such service until the end of time.”

This year we have some exciting incentives!  Our level 1 and 2 donors will receive a 10% discount code for all of Swami Tulsidas and HeartSong sponsored workshops. All donors will be included in a special private broadcast Paranitya Narashima yagna and have their names included in the altar.

We look forward to hosting you at the inauguration with Guruji, which is tentatively scheduled for November 2022!

It is Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s deepest desire to have this Pillar Meditation Hall in the USA. We sincerely appreciate your help in fulfilling God’s will and making this vision a reality.

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