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“There is a name which carries a certain vibration with it, a name which reflects that vibration, that comes to the help and rescue of the person when they call the Name…like that also, the Deity, when you call the Deity with a certain Name that is given, it reflects that quality of the Deity.”

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Lakshmi Dinabandhu

Lakshmi-Dinabandhu are a very dear form of Lakshmi, the Divine Mother, and Narayana, the Supreme Lord. Enlivened by Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 2011, They carry the full blessing and Grace of Guruji with Them for all to experience first hand.

About Maha Lakshmi

Maha Lakshmi is a form of the Divine Mother and the wife of Shreeman Narayana. She provides for Her children both materially and spiritually. She is most known for being associated with wealth.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda points out:

“For those who are running into the material world, wealth is money. For those who are running on the spiritual path, wealth is spirituality. Spiritual wealth is an eternal wealth. Material wealth comes and goes…Which one do you want? That’s what you will ask of Her. You see, in spiritual wealth you have everything. It doesn’t mean that when you are on the spiritual path, you are a poor person. Actually, you are the richest, because She will provide for everything.”

She is the Mother of All, caring for each and everything in creation. As the Divine Mother, she looks after everyone, without judgment.

“As a Mother, She is very dear to Her creation. I will not say only human beings, because She is also the Mother of the animals, She is the Mother of the trees, She is the Mother of the whole creation itself, not only Mother Earth, but the whole creation. And She looks after everyone. When we call to the Lord, when we call to Bhagavan, it is Her inside that is awakened, that feeling of Love. It is a particle of Her inside that is calling the Lord.”

She is eternally at the Feet of the Lord, as the example of Perfect service to God and unconditional Love to all creation.

“Maha Lakshmi gives that longing also: to call for someone who is eternal, to call for Sriman Narayana, to call for Krishna. So, this is what Maha Lakshmi represents. She is always sitting at the Feet of the Lord. At the same time, She is looking at everybody and is caring for everyone.”

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

What does “Dinabandhu” mean?

Paramahamsa Vishwananda, speaking about naming the Murti Dinabandhu, 2014

“So, I was thinking earlier which name to give to the Deity Lakshmi Narayan. And I was thinking, He is the merciful Lord. He is the one who cares for everybody. So I chose the name “Dinabandhu”, the friend of the poor. Here it doesn’t mean poor people who don’t have anything. But poor, why? Because people are still searching. As long as they are in delusion, they are poor. When they become rich, it’s not the material riches, they become rich when the heart is open with love.

So Dinabandhu stands for that, the one who opens the heart. The friend which is dear to you. The dearest one. The one who comes to rescue you without you asking, which is ever present with you. In your time of trouble, He is carrying you, He is sheltering you. The Deity which will invoke Bhagavan Himself to manifest in that. Whoever comes they find peace, they find calmness and love. But just know He is the friend who is ever ready to assist you, to care for you, to help you. This is Lord Narayan.”

The Story of Dinabandhu

Paramahamsa Vishwananda, Vancouver Satsang 2018

You see, the story is related to – it’s a beautiful story, actually. It’s a Leela of Lord Krishna. 

The story goes that there was a small boy with his mother living in a forest. The mother was always worried for her son, and she said to him, “So, whenever you go to the forest, remember that your brother is always with you.” And then the son said, “What is his name?” She said, “It’s Krishna” So, every day he would walk. Eventually after some time he would always think of his brother as Krishna – and Krishna would be there. Because, you see, Naam and Bhagavan, there is no difference. In the bhakti path its said that the Name of God is God. God comes in different aspects, you know. He comes as a guest; He comes as the Name; He comes as Swarup, the Form; He comes as shastra and He comes as Guru. These are five aspects of God. 

So, he was chanting the Name of Krishna. Whenever he would walk in the forest, he would chant the Name of Krishna. It so happened that one day as he was chanting the Name of Krishna, a small boy came accompanying him. And as he was walking they were talking and all this, he said, “Who are you?” He said, “I am Krishna. I am your brother.”

So, every day Krishna would accompany him to the school and would bring him back. And when the mother would ask – you know, she saw him transform and change, she asked, “Why?”

“Look, my brother Krishna is with me.” Of course, she thought that it was just children’s stories. 

So, it so happened that there was a birthday of the teacher. Everybody had to bring something for the teacher, but as they were very poor, they didn’t have anything. So, as they were walking, he asked Krishna, “I need to bring something, but I don’t have anything to bring. At home we don’t have anything.” So, Bhagavan gave him a pot of yogurt, and He said, “Give this to your teacher.”

So, he came. Everybody brought a beautiful gift for the teacher, and when it was his time to give, he gave the pot. But the teacher didn’t want to have the yoghurt. What did he do? He asked him to distribute it to everybody. So, he started distributing, distributing more and distributing; it would never finish. So, the teacher was amazed and said, “Where did you get that?” And he said, “This is from my brother. My brother gave it to me.” He said, ‘Who is your brother?’ He answered, “Krishna. He is waiting for me outside.” He said, “Come, let’s go and see Him.”

So, when they went outside, of course, he would see Krishna, but the others could not see Krishna. They were ridiculing him, saying, “No, you are just making stories”, all this. Then, the boy asked Krishna, “Please show him.” Krishna said, “No, he can’t see Me, because he doesn’t have that bhav; he doesn’t have that longing. He doesn’t have that willingness to see Me.” And that willingness is one thing, but that bhav must be there, no? That heart must be burning with that love, you know. So, He said, “No, he will never be able to see Me.”

He pleaded with Krishna, and Krishna said, “Okay, because you are asking Me, he will see.” And from that he saw Krishna.

And this is the story of Dinabandhu Krishna.

Paranitya Narasimha

Paranitya Narasimha is a very special Murti which was materialized from the Heart of Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 2011. This Murti is a Form of Narasimha that only a handful of souls had seen before. After His “birth”, He was kept secret for 7 years, only seen by His caretaker, Swami Tulsidas. In 2018, under the instruction of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, He was finally revealed publicly at Swami Tulsidas’ Swami initiation during Navaratri.

‘Para’ means supreme and ‘Nitya’ means eternal. Paranitya Narasimha is the Supreme Eternal form of Narasimha. He is infinitely sweet to His devotees, and destroys the material mindedness, pride, and ego of all who receive His darshan.

His Love is ever-present, and guides His devotees back Home. Narasimha Himself, His story and Form, show the infinite nature of the Divine, and how the Divine is ever ready to protect those who seek His shelter. 

We are extremely blessed to have Him in North America. 

Lalitha Devi is full of ecstatic love for the Divine Couple. She has a bright yellow complexion and wears a dress the colour of peacock feathers. She is expert at arranging the meetings of the Divine Couple.

Visakha Devi was born at the same exact moment Radharani appeared in this world. Visakha’s garments are decorated with stars and her complexion is like lightning. She is an intimate friend of the Divine Couple and carries messages between them.
Champakalata Devi’s complexion is the colour of a blossoming Champaka flower and her garments are the colour of a Blue Jay. She is an expert in the art of logical persuasion and knows how to thwart Radharani’s rivals.
Chitra Devi’s beautiful saffron complexion resembles the colour of kumkum and her garments are the colour of crystal. She is a skilled gourmet cook and can understand the tastes of various foods simply by glancing at them.
Tungavidya Devi’s complexion is the colour of kumkum and the fragrance of her body is like sandalwood mixed with camphor. Her dress is pale yellow.

Tungavidya is the leader of the gopis who are the best of the dancers and expert musicians.

Indulekha Devi has a lemon yellow tan complexion and wears garments the colour of a pomegranate flower. She carries the auspicious messages of the Divine Couple and in this way creates the good fortune of Radha and Krishna increasing their mutual love and attraction for each other.
Rangadevi’s complexion is the colour of a lotus stamen and her dress is red like a Hibsicus flower. She is very fond of joking with her friend Srimati Radharani in the presence of Lord Krishna and is an expert in the use of cosmetics and perfumes in service to the Divine Couple.
Sudevi is sweet and charming by nature. She is the sister of Rangadevi. She always renders service to Srimati Radharani by arranging Her hair, decorating Her eyes and dressing Her.


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