Music & Kirtan

Devotion to the Divine is expressed in many ways. Music is one of them. Music is the language of the heart, and through music we actively build the relationship between us and God.

Singing and playing instruments are considered ways to communicate with the Divine in the ‘language of God’. Our music can thrill your heart with dynamic sound and rhythm, or it can be deeply meditative: each mood has devotional benefits.

Whether you like more traditional bhajans and kirtans, western devotional music or rocking bhajans, in Bhakti Marga you will surely find something that will soothe your soul. Just open up and begin your journey with music!

The Divine Names

The Divine Names have the power to purify and elevate us. They give us the opportunity to experience joy and bliss, and through singing, clapping and dancing, we develop a personal relationship with the Divine. To show how important this is, even the holy scriptures say that singing the Name of God (Harinam) is the best spiritual practice for this era.

To sing the Holy Names in a simple way, together: that is Kirtan. The group energy that arises gives each individual a unique experience as the kirtan progresses, which is why participation is such a joy.

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Kirtan With The Master

WANT MORE? Over the years Bhakti Marga Music has produced a number of albums, with many of these feature bhajans sung by Paramahamsa Vishwananda Himself. Check out latest releases on Spotify.


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