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Swami Tulsidas serves tirelessly helping spiritual seekers and devotees throughout North America. He is committed to growing Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s mission by supporting each individual in deepening their relationship with the Divine and awakening to their true spiritual potential.

He lovingly gives all of his time to help us through his satsangs, courses, workshops, and more. Anyone who knows Swamiji has seen his tremendous dedication to serving North America and spreading the mission of his Gurudev.

Swamiji travels often, reaching both new and existing seekers and providing personal spiritual direction throughout all of North America. His service and Love for God, Guru, and the Divine Mother is truly inspiring.

Swami Tulsidas is an example of a heart that constantly gives, keeping nothing for himself. If you would like to show your love and appreciation to Swamiji and help spread the Path of Devotion throughout North America, your donations are greatly appreciated.

Your support helps bring Swamiji to new people and communities, as well as helps to support him being able to give satsang and teachings online and in person. As a monk, everything he receives goes directly towards serving the mission.


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