The Power of Sri Yantra

by March 13, 2021

In 2020, I was very fortunate to be able to attend Paramahamsa Vishwananda, my Sat Gurudev’s, Sri Yantra wisdom course. This story is my experience of an enormous miracle that He made happen during the course leading up to right now when I’m writing this experience.

A normal day

The course was intensive, over 3 days we were on Zoom continuously from morning to evening. He was tireless in His service to all of us to give us the love and teach us the mysteries of the Sri Yantra.

On the second day, we had already been on Zoom for some hours, and I was busy typing everything He said, as each word was amazing. I was so absorbed in listening and typing that I wasn’t paying attention to anything else happening around me.

By now, Gurudev had started chanting the secret Mantras associated with the 9-Avaranas (steps) of the Sri Yantra.

A miracle in Florida

During His chanting, suddenly, there was such a huge explosion of sound that my entire house shook … not just the windows, the actual walls shook!

The entire sky went pitch black in the middle of a sunny Florida day, and there was an enormous lightning so bright that it lit up the pitch-black sky in a color of silver and white. I have never been so startled in my entire life!

I nearly leaped out of the chair, my heart beating so fast that I couldn’t think anything except … “Was that a bomb, did a bomb explode next door?” And, the next thought was, “Wait! Was that lightning and did I have a power cut? Is Guruji still on Zoom?”

So, I quickly checked, and everything was normal, He was still chanting the Mantras and somehow, I managed to continue typing while also recording this incredible experience.

The Power of Sri Yantra

After that my mind couldn’t retain any coherent thought for a long time except that my Gurudev is so powerful, and the Mantras of the Sri Yantra are so incredible … just by Him chanting them in Germany, the sky was literally falling down in Florida, USA!

Paramahamsa Vishwananda smiling with Sri Yantra background

A call to share

This experience moved me so much that I knew I didn’t want to keep this Sadhana (spiritual practice) for myself, I wanted to share how amazing it is with everyone.

In just a few days I was able to take three teacher trainings with the International Sri Yantra and Art Coordinator of Bhakti Marga, my Gurudev’s worldwide mission.

Incomprehensable Blessing

My mind still cannot and will never be able to fathom the mysteries of the amazing practice of meditating on, painting and drawing the Sri Yantra.

It is the true form of the Divine Mother Herself, a cosmic powerhouse of Divinity.

May everyone be blessed with service to their Gurudev, so that the mind may be cleansed, and the heart lead the way as mine did by literally leaping out of my chest!

3d Sri Yantras with lingam

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